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6 Reasons To Look At ChainDrive Integrated Accounting

Retail accounting is a challenging but essential part of functioning in business. The many factors that should be considered make it imperative to utilize a retail-centric system that takes every aspect of the variables in your specific enterprise into account. The constantly changing stream of data needs to be accurately assessed and realistically integrated into Continue Reading

3 Things To Remember About Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is basically the process of taking raw data and refining it to create applicable strategies for management of the enterprise. Historically, this was done imperfectly by scribes and clerks using ledgers and paper spreadsheets that their boss looked over and used to decide what to do next. Today’s technology takes the data from Continue Reading

What Matters To You In Customer Support?

Customer support is a broad subject with many opinions wrapped up in it. In a busy call center, for instance, the owner’s opinion of customer support might be that as many calls be handled as possible with the fewest possible number of employees. In one way, handling a lot of calls means success because fewer Continue Reading

3 Reasons To Get Staff On Track

Have you ever been to a track meet where the race was not run on a track? The clearly defined lanes and finish lines are how the race is judged and those parameters declare who wins. In retail, some stores don’t have clearly defined parameters, and the staff doesn’t know how to win. ChainDrive’s store Continue Reading

Meet The Challenge Of Children’s Shoes

Managing a retail children’s shoe store can be challenging but when run successfully that store will have loyal customers willing to come to you for years. Children are your primary customers and including their opinions in your integrated retail management solution¬†will help you analyze intelligently so you can create strategies that work well in this Continue Reading