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ChainDrive Operations Management offers built- in performance metrics (KPI's), targets and analytical tools so that you can evaluate and instantly report on everything from store and employee performance, loss prevention to store budgets and sales targets.

Our operation management system acts as an intuitive assistant by allowing you to access and act upon key operational data, resulting in streamlined and efficient store operations. This makes handling the logistics of operations management simple for your team.

Store Performance

ChainDrive uses key performance indicators to achieve store by store analysis, which provides actionable data on current store status, historical comparisons, and administers ongoing tracking. Utilizing measurements such as checkout, sell-thru, stock status, comparative contributions, gross margin, transactional statistics and much more, our system puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to accessing your stores.

Employee Productivity

Workforce management in ChainDrive goes far beyond "time & attendance". It was developed specifically to track, monitor and maintain key data and statistics on employee productivity. Sales and sale related measurements, including UPT, sales per hour, and other related productivity indicators are available in real-time. Any of them can be drilled down to unique transactional details, offering you better information for informed evaluations and decisions.

Sales Analysis

Our sales analysis contains a myriad of key analytical tools and reporting such as our multi-level comparative sales report that provides comp/sales data summarized at four different levels and includes features that take into consideration such things as new and/or closed stores.

All sales data is available down to the transaction, allowing you to choose the level of detail you require to better analyze your sales.

Customer-Centric Marketing

The system facilitates the creation of targeted marketing or promotional campaigns by drawing on CRM and performance data readily available from the system's database.

Whether creating a mailing list, chain-wide event or focusing on specific customers, our system provides the flexibility and tools to help increase sales and encourage customer loyalty.

Inventory Control

ChainDrive's highly sophisticated inventory control tool set offers full feature cycle count, physical inventory, exception reporting, reconciliation, shrink status and activity monitoring. Utilizing multiple methods and built-in functionality, ChainDrive successfully manages your most valuable asset, your inventory.

Loss Prevention

Using exception-based logic, ChainDrive quickly alerts you to abnormalities at the store level and allows you to focus in on the specifics via drillable data views, pivots and reports.

Coupled with user-definable POS security settings and transactional and customer data, the system leverages the power of our integrated database to zero in on irregularities stemming from your stores, giving you the data and tools to act upon any discrepancies and/or breach of policy.

Operations Management Key Features

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