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summer sales

10 Hot Summer Marketing Ideas to Maximize Your Retail Sales

May 17, 2022

As temperatures rise, retail sales might tend to cool down. While warmer temps less impact online sales, brick and mortar operations may want to invest time and resources to attract consumer traffic this summer. Whether your retail store is primarily online or has physical locations, there are ways to capitalize on the summer selling season […]

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7 Retail Trends That are Making Specialty Stores Special

May 10, 2022

Consumer behavior is constantly changing, but the outbreak of COVID-19 has accelerated this evolution like never before. Whether it’s increased use of e-commerce, a spike in-home delivery, rapid adoption of curbside pickup, the rise of contactless payment, or numerous other changes in their behavior, shoppers have quickly adapted to the “new normal.” At the same […]

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The Secret to Improving Customer Loyalty in Jewelry Stores

May 3, 2022

Customer loyalty is a marketing approach that recognizes and rewards customers who repeatedly purchase or engage with a brand. The ability to convert one-time buyers into repeat customers is key to maintaining your revenue stream and is crucial to the success of your business. All retailers have to keep the goal of improving customer loyalty […]

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Top 10 In-Store Marketing and Promotion Ideas for Retail Stores

April 27, 2022

Digital marketing and traditional advertising mediums offer fantastic opportunities to attract customers to your stores. However, a secret tool converts customers once they arrive: in-store marketing. What Is In-store Marketing? In-store marketing strategies focus on leveraging the customer’s in-store experience to promote brand and product awareness. Retailers use these strategies and tactics to attract customers […]

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mobile pos

Retailers Need to Adopt a Mobile-First Strategy

April 21, 2022

The continued evolution of consumer technology along with the effects of the pandemic have dramatically altered shopper behavior, further emphasizing the need for enhanced digital transformation efforts across retail stores. Many consumer-centric retailers view the mobile-first strategy as their primary digital approach for revenue and business growth. It’s time to consider adding a mobile point-of-sale […]

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open to buy software

What Is Open-to-Buy Planning and How Does It Help Retailers?

April 5, 2022

Embracing constant change and delivering personalized customer experiences is critically important in the face of today’s increasingly informed consumer. Retailers face more competition than ever before due to the technological advancements that have modified the traditional shopping experience from purely physical into the digital and omnichannel. Without understanding what merchandise is coming into your store […]

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