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3 Customers That CRM Software Should Consider

The primary definition of consider is “to think carefully about, especially in order to make a decision.” This careful thinking includes collecting the pertinent data, analyzing the information, and acting on that analyzation. Customer...

crm retail operations

The Most Important Part of Retail Management

Do you know the most important part of retail management? Is it price control? Marketing? Accounting? Web fulfillment? Actually, we would say it’s none of these. Rather, there is one of aspect of managing...


How Would You Rate Your CRM?

Customer Relationship Management should rate high with both customers and retailers, because this is an essential relationship for both. But each party involved with CRM has differing expectations. Customers probably don’t even think in...

Engage customers with the Mobile Assistant

Engage customers with the Mobile Assistant

Sales jobs are positions that change rapidly with the growing and shifting interests of customers and how they expect their shopping experience to go. It used to be that customers would rely heavily on...

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