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web order fulfillment

4 Ways To Mess Up Web Order Fulfillment

Retailers today must be willing to sell online or see their customers buy from a competitor who has an online presence. Selling online means that web orders must be fulfilled, a process that can...

specialty retail

ChainDrive Gives Specialty Retailers A Custom Fit

Specialty retailers have a specific slice of the retail market and that slice is profitable because it targets a specific need for consumers. Pet stores and eyewear providers or those offering electronics, arts &...

Infographic – 4 Point of Sale Mistakes Retailers Make

Source: 4 Point of Sale Mistakes Retailers Make 4 Point of Sale Mistakes Retailers Make    

business intelligence

Successful Price Management Requires Data

ChainDrive’s Price Management component is an essential part of the integrated retail management solution for today’s omnichannel retailer. Why? Because when multiple channels are part of a retail business, pricing gets complicated. Price management...

supply chain management

Is Your Warehouse Ready For Robots?

Robots in the warehouse are coming whether warehouse management is ready or not. But robots in the warehouse no longer look like the huge Automated Guided Vehicles that used to take over space with...

home decor retailer management

The Top Priority For Home Decor Retailers

In one way, home decor is a necessity because we all live with things. But when finances are tight, many things become luxuries. How does a Home Decor retailer stay competitive in a market...

8 Solutions for What Ails Your Retail Business

Infographic – 8 Solutions for What Ails Your Retail Business

  Source: 8 Solutions for What Ails Your Retail Business

product management

Why Use ChainDrive Product Management Software?

The state of retail today is the subject of many product management team meetings because the state of retail today is fluid. Product management is already a fluid endeavor since the location and status...

apparel retailing

Base Merchandising Decisions On Accurate Analysis

The decisions made by your merchandising team affect what happens throughout the enterprise. That’s why it is important that these decisions are made by using accurate, real-time information that is comprehensive. Without the proper...

Jewelry Retailers Must Use Storytelling

Storytelling has always been part of the appeal of jewelry. Famous jewels are accompanied by equally famous legends, adding to the glamour of an already beautiful piece. These stories are sometimes true, sometimes false,...

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