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How Business Intelligence Leads to Retail Profts

Retail business intelligence is the collection and analysis of key data that retailers can use to impact revenues, profits, and effectiveness. It primarily involves three key components: Collecting the right data Delivering that data...

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Are You Singing the Store Budgeting Blues?

Store budgeting is one of the biggest challenges of retail store managers. Regional retail chain managers don’t have it any easier. You have to plan your merchandise purchasing around buyer habits and seasonal predictions,...

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Do Your Stores See Their Part In Your Budgeting?

Every store in a retail chain is a link that connects the business to the profit that is available. A weak link in that chain affects the entire enterprise because a chain is, as...

store budgeting

The Essential First Step In Store Budgeting

The first step in any budgeting process is figuring out where the money has been going up to that point. In the past, a family starting to set up a budget might sit at...

Components of Retail Management Software

Components of Retail Management Software

To get a better handle on your retail business and start managing more efficiently and with more power, you’ll need a software system that goes beyond simple Point of Sale and accounting capabilities. ChainDrive’s...

Retail Management Components: An Overview

Retail Management Components: An Overview

In a company working with retail in the large scope, there are a multitude of different aspects to oversee. You’ll want to make sure each area of concern is operating with the highest efficiency...

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