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Do You Know What Makes Your Customers Tick?

The way a consumer connects with the retailer determines whether or not that consumer will become a customer in the first place. That is important, but the first transaction is only the beginning of...

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10 Features Retailers Need In CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management is much more effective when the right tools are used. ChainDrive’s professionally designed CRM Software can optimize Customer Relationship Management because it has the top ten features retailers have requested: The capacity...


How Would You Rate Your CRM?

Customer Relationship Management should rate high with both customers and retailers, because this is an essential relationship for both. But each party involved with CRM has differing expectations. Customers probably don’t even think in...

Handling bulk orders with retail management software

Handling bulk orders with retail management software

Apart from the generic store to customer interaction, there are many different ways in which retail businesses move their products around. One of the most popular (and profitable) examples of variant transactions is the...

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