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successful clienteling

Creative and Personalized Clienteling

Clienteling is the art of building customer relationships that lead to profitable and efficient retailing. Effective clienteling requires the right tools that facilitate this relationship-building process. When you find those tools, you’ll discover that...

Web Marketplace

The Keys to Flexible Web Order Fulfillment

You cannot run a retail chain in this century without planning for how you will fulfill Web orders. Your website, if it hasn’t already, will become a major channel for product sales. Customers will...

Attention Shoppers, Please Proceed To POS

Attention Shoppers, Please Proceed To POS

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar retail chain or an e-commerce website, the ticket counter in your store is the point-of-sale system. There are a lot of factors that drive that system, but the POS...

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is something that every retailer should worry about. Your competition can at any time lower prices and take your customer away, or provide better customer services and get them that way. But...

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