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Mobile Point of Sale for Sporting Goods Stores

Now that football season has kicked off in the U.S., let’s talk about how sporting goods stores can use the mobile point of sale to improve customer service. For starters, everyone knows that sporting...

crm retail operations

The Most Important Part of Retail Management

Do you know the most important part of retail management? Is it price control? Marketing? Accounting? Web fulfillment? Actually, we would say it’s none of these. Rather, there is one of aspect of managing...

specialty retailers

Specialty Retailers Need Top Customer Service

Ask any twenty-something where they got the nice glasses they are wearing and, chances are, those frames came from Warby Parker. Why? Because this company has made it a point to engage with customers...

retail merchandise

Make Your Jewelry Store A Destination

Retail jewelry stores have a challenge – the Internet, where shoppers search for bargains and find a multitude of potential deals. But a savvy jeweler uses the unique experience of being in the presence...

ChainDrive can help run a successful jewelry store

ChainDrive can help run a successful jewelry store

Although jewelry retail may be a fairly specialized business with specific target consumer bases and limited square footage, managing one of these businesses successfully is no easy task. Each item in your inventory is...

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