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5 POS Realities Every Retailer Must Face

Retailing without a point of sale is like flying a kite without a string. You need a location where you meet the customer face to face to take of the details of the transaction....

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6 Reasons Your POS Isn’t Delivering More Sales

Retail stores live and die by the point-of-sale system. If your POS isn’t delivering more sales, there are reasons why. Perhaps you should explore one or more of the following options. No real-time product...

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6 Ways to Improve Your Point of Sale

The point of sale is where you and your customer meet face to face. It’s where you interact the most with your customer, and in the most meaningful way. It’s also where you expect...

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4 Benefits to a Powerful POS System in Your Store

One sure way to boost your retail store’s marketing and customer service power is to install a point of sale (POS) system. A good POS system delivers four very powerful benefits right from the...

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EMV Deadline – Ready or Not?

By now all US retailers should have a good handle on what EMV is and should be well aware of the imminent October 1st, 2015 deadline. But how ready are retailers? Ready or not...

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