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custom retail management solution

Omnichannel Retail: One Size Does Not Fit All

Not every retail store is the same. By the same token, not every retail chain is the same. For that reason, some retail operations may need a custom retail management solution. But what should...

open-to-buy planning

Guarantee Retail Planning Success With ChainDrive

Planning is essential for retailers because adequate stock levels depend on making the right buying decisions. Buying decisions that are profitable are only made when you have an accurate view of the past and...

retail metrics

Why Planning Software Makes Retailers Successful All Year Long

People shop for different things at different times of the year, so retailers need to plan at the seasonal level. But planning is done beforehand, so retailers need to see all the seasons of...

chaindrive services

The Top Requirement For OTB Planning

OTB — Open-To-Buy — is part of every successful retailer’s planning. But without the accuracy of the data, retail planning is an exercise in futility because the plans are based on guesswork. This is...

product management

Expect The Unexpected In Product Management

It isn’t difficult to visualize the task of product management as a challenge similar to the classic puzzle cube. Every decision made concerning inventory has ramifications, and choosing one strategy changes what happens in...

Product Management software’s Transfer Optimization

Product Management software’s Transfer Optimization

One of the main selling points of any retail management software system is its ability to speed up the processes involved in your retail business. The ability to operate on a faster level means...

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