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5 POS Realities Every Retailer Must Face

Retailing without a point of sale is like flying a kite without a string. You need a location where you meet the customer face to face to take of the details of the transaction....

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8 Ways to Cure the Point-of-Sale Blues

The point of sale is a critical component on any retail operation. If it’s inefficient and clunky, it can affect the entire operation. It can even diminish your profit margins and returns. That’s why...

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Point of Sale Or Point of Pain?

Every point of sale has the potential to be a point of pain because all it takes is a few things happening to turn a positive experience into a negative one. Many times that...

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Can Your POS Software Change With Your Business?

There are changes happening in retailing today. Online sales are growing and physical locations are trying to redefine what it means to go shopping by adding experiences to their offering. The thing that drives...

Infographic – 4 Point of Sale Mistakes Retailers Make

Source: 4 Point of Sale Mistakes Retailers Make 4 Point of Sale Mistakes Retailers Make    

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7 Reasons to Optimize Your Point of Sale

Your point of sale (POS) system is one of your retail chain’s most important assets. Optimizing it is essential. Here are seven good reasons you want to optimize your POS for better business. Integrate...

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6 Accounting Procedures You Should Automate

One of the most important aspects of any retail operation is how you account for your finances. That includes sales, commissions, merchandise purchasing, overhead expenses, and everything else related to spending and profits. Some...

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4 Benefits to a Powerful POS System in Your Store

One sure way to boost your retail store’s marketing and customer service power is to install a point of sale (POS) system. A good POS system delivers four very powerful benefits right from the...

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What Kind Of Feelings Are At Your POS?

Point of Sale is an important moment because this is when a retail transaction becomes reality. Since people are at the POS, the way people feel about the transaction will affect their future decisions....


POS + EMV = Compliance, Security, and More

By now, US retailers should have their stores ready with the capability to process cards using the EMV chip. By doing this, they are complying with government regulations aimed at getting in step with...

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