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retail product life cycle

7 Produce Life Cycle Events to Monitor for Max Profits

Retailers who manage the product life cycle effectively are the ones who survive the next age of commerce. They are the most competitive, most profitable, and most enduring retail operations on the market. That’s...

apparel retail inventory management

5 Inventory Management Musts for Apparel Retailers

The apparel industry is very competitive is built around trends. What’s popular this year may not be popular next year. On top of that, the trends are seasonal. So apparel retailers have to be...

retail merchandising operations

6 Merchandising Tips for 2019

No matter what kind of retail operation you run, you’ll need to pay close attention to your merchandising operations in 2019 or run the risk of losing customers to the competition. Merchandising is so...

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is something that every retailer should worry about. Your competition can at any time lower prices and take your customer away, or provide better customer services and get them that way. But...

Increase Your Price Management And Control

Increase Your Price Management And Control

Controlling prices is a logic-based science for retailers. It doesn’t matter what industry or sector you are in, you cannot be profitable if you cannot control prices and inventory. ChainDrive’s Price Management component has...

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