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5 Pillars of Arts & Crafts Retailing

Arts & crafts retailers have a unique place in the business climate of retail. For starters, your clientele is different from the clientele of most other retailers. You cater to the most creative element...

e-commerce gateway

What is a ‘One Stop’ Integrated Retail Management Solution?

On ChainDrive’s home page you’ll find this incredibly wordy half-paragraph: ChainDrive is a complete cross-channel end-to-end integrated retail management solution that provides “real-time” information and insight into all aspects of your retail business and...

mobile marketing

Cross-channel Retail Works Best With Mobile Assistants

Cross-channel retail management is most effective when a sales force is equipped with the ability to access every channel necessary to answer customer questions, update customer accounts, and meet the customer’s needs appropriately. A...

Are You Lacking This Foundation Of Cross-Channel RM?

Are You Lacking This Foundation Of Cross-Channel RM?

The whole idea of cross-channel retail management is being able to get the product to the customer in as many ways as possible. If they come to the store, the product should be there....

What Is A Cross-Channel RMS?

What Is A Cross-Channel RMS?

ChainDrive was founded on the premise that retailers comes in different stripes in every industry in which there is a retail sector. Not all retail stores are the same. Not all chains are the...

How Many Channels Can You Manage?

How Many Channels Can You Manage?

ChainDrive bills itself as a “cross-channel retail management solution.” But what does that mean? How many channels can you manage? Well, it’s pretty broad and intensive. Depending on the size and breadth of your...

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