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Multidev Technologies improves its rankings in the 2019 RIS Software Leaderboard Report

Montreal, QC, December 10, 2018 – Multidev Technologies Inc., an industry leader in the development of retail technology has been recognized by the RIS Retail Software Leaderboard  for the fifth consecutive year, each year outperforming...

open-to-buy planning

Why Graphing Improves Open-to-Buy

As a retail operations manager or open-to-buy professional, you are always looking for a more streamlined way to plan your operations and product purchasing. One of the best ways to get more efficient at...

retail merchandising

Make It Easy To Buy A Lot

Merchandising is a basic part of retail life, so for the professional retailer, it’s easy to shop for yourself, right? Well, not so much for many folks because there’s so much to choose from....

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