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product management

7 Product-Related Metrics You Should Monitor in Real Time

When it comes to managing your products, every retailer can be more efficient and profitable just by monitoring in the real time the following seven necessary metrics: Purchases – Not only should you track...

retail operations

5 Must-Haves for Every Retail Operation

Your retail chain deserves to be profitable. In order to maximize profits and minimize expenses, you’ll need the right tools. The below five qualities are all characteristics any retail operation should have to maximize...

price management and retail profits

Retail Prices: Get a Handle On It

Managing retail prices is a challenge when you have multiple levels of your operation. It’s not impossible. Follow these tips to manage your retail prices more efficiently and profitably: Manage your promotion rules –...

integrated accounting

What Is Retail-Centric Accounting?

Retail accounting is more than just counting numbers. Managing a full-scale retail operation is not like running other businesses. There are specific accounting needs that must be addressed that other types of businesses do...

ChainDrive Effective Price Management

ChainDrive Effective Price Management

You cannot expect to get anywhere in retail business with outrageous prices. If you keep your prices too high, customers won’t come to your stores to buy your products. If they are set too...

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