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Personalization - it's really all about the customer!

As the demand for personalized connections grows amongst consumers, it’s imperative to have a Customer Relationship Management Software that drives the customer experience at every touch point. ChainDrive’s CRM captures valuable customer information that allows you to identify shopping behaviors, buying habits, patterns and trends.

This insight allows you to deliver a personalized service, targeted marketing campaigns and inspires smarter pricing and promotion decisions that lead to increased sales, loyalty and retention.

Customer Capture / Look-up

Cultivate customer engagement by mobilizing your sales staff, allowing them to capture customer information anywhere throughout the store. Instant real-time data of existing customer profiles is at your fingertips. Completely integrated with ChainDrive's back office, retailers are able to access customer data from all shopping channels which includes everything from personal detailed information, to transaction history to past purchase details.

CRM Customer Capture and look-up
CRM Customer Data & Analytics

Customer Analytics

Analyse the value of your customer by RFM (Regency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis. Customer data can be analyzed, categorized, tagged and filtered and turned into meaningful actions. Dynamic customer graphs display real-time information such as items purchased and dollar amount spent by date.


Interact with your customers on a personal level. Tightly integrated to the ChainDrive commerce platform, ChainDrive CRM offers a 360* of your customer. Order visibility, customer history and cross-sell opportunities are all actionable by store associates, empowering them to provide an exceptional personalized in-store experience.

ChainDrive CRM Clienteling
CRM in-store, online and mobile

Any-Channel Connection

ChainDrive CRM captures real-time customer data across all retail sales channels. Make personalized connections to the "omni-channel" consumer and deliver specific targeted promotional campaigns geared towards their preferences. Drive sales by offering coupons or instant rebates based on their shopping channel of choice, whether it's in-store, online or mobile.

Customized Marketing

Personalization is key to delivering compelling promotions. ChainDrive's CRM dives deep into your customer profile so you can market, recommend and match their preferences and needs with tailored offerings and future product plans.

CRM customized marketing & promotions
CRM Gift Card and Loyalty

Gift Card & Loyalty

With today's "omni-channel" shoppers it's now more important than ever to capture their information, maintain the relationship and above all retain them as lifelong customers. Store promotions, gift card and exclusive loyalty driven campaigns can not only increase overall sales but can also retain the customer. Using the customer data within the ChainDrive CRM for launching gift card and loyalty programs, retailers are able to become a destination for purchases and not just an impulse buy.

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