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With increased competition surrounding department stores, it's imperative to stay on trend and remain a destination of choice. ChainDrive for department stores allows you to focus on what matters " the customer". Having a solid system in place to manage store operations will not only increase visibility throughout the enterprise but will improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

ChainDrive retail management software manages your department store's extensive square footage by supporting multiple, integrated cost centers. This allows your customers the convenience of checking out at any register they select while feeding the transactional data to a centralized database.

Within the same transaction, ChainDrive's innovative split-commission capability allows you to accurately divide sales commissions among multiple employees. This fully-transparent functionality tracks commission allotment behind the scenes, reducing the check-out process to a single transaction and receipt, even if a customer purchases merchandise from various departments and sales personnel. This provides the customer with a more pleasant shopping experience while simultaneously simplifying your remuneration process.

ChainDrive also offers extensive CRM and inventory system functionality that support gift cards, gift certificates and gift registries. The system captures information that allows you to market directly to your customers and vary your target market and messages by department.

Once the customer is in the store, ChainDrive's advanced promotional rules manager automatically detects if they are eligible for a special offer and processes the transaction accordingly, simultaneously rewarding the customer and reinforcing their loyalty to your store.

Overall, ChainDrive provides you with multiple methods of increasing customer loyalty and retention, leading to increased sales and higher profits for your organization. With ChainDrive, we offer you true retail solutions.

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