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Download ChainDrive Ecommerce Gateway Fact Sheet

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Phy-gital Retailing - one data base, one shared common set of data

ChainDrive's ecommerce Gateway is the vital link between the webstore and all ChainDrive's back-office, distribution and order fulfillment functionality. It seamlessly updates the web store with new product information, price changes and item availability.

The gateway connectivity to the centralized database allows for real-time inventory updates as well as all client web purchase details that are tracked and captured in ChainDrive CRM.

Product & Price Management

ChainDrive's ecommerce Gateway manages products by leveraging our centralized database, giving real-time stock status to manage order fulfillment. By analyzing cross-channel sales, retailers are able to adjust their buying strategies to meet the current market demand.

Our system's Price Management tool provides expanded analytical and reporting to aid in the monitoring and analysis of all price and promotion actions. Retailers have the ability to measure and compare over time the effectiveness of price adjustments and promotional decisions between their bricks and mortar and ecommerce channels.

e-Commerce Gateway Product & Price Management
e-Commerce Gateway Interface

Interface Capability

ChainDrive's ecommerce Gateway interfaces with existing and third party ecommerce sites and integrates between applications that enable the free-flow of data across the enterprise. The "Gateway" acts as the link between the on-line web store and the centralized database which allows for consistent and reliable up to date information.

Customer Relationship Management

As the constant focus on acquiring new customers and fostering loyalty takes a front seat many retailers are relying on an ecommerce solution that can provide insight into customer analytics. ChainDrive's ecommerce Gateway captures customer information allowing for targeted marketing campaigns and loyalty programs resulting in profitable promotions and improved customer relations.

e-Commerce Gateway Customer Relationship Management
e-Commerce Gateway Inventory Control

Inventory Control

ChainDrive’s real-time inventory monitoring tracks the location and status of merchandise at all times by simultaneously monitoring purchases, receipts, allocations, sales, transfers, in-transit, on-hands and related activity throughout all sales channels.

Prioritize fulfillment from different distribution centers and gain up to date and accurate stock information that facilitates order fulfillment and shipping, maximizing sell-thru and minimizing stock-outs.

Order Capture

All orders from the shopping cart are passed through the Gateway directly into the Order Decision Engine. Orders are then ready to begin the fulfillment process. Once ready to ship the Gateway sends confirmation of shipment to the shopping cart so that payment can be processed.

e-Commerce Gateway Order Capture

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