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The footwear industry has certainly become a highly competitive industry over the last few years. Standing out amongst the competition as the “go to” store is increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain. Having the right systems in place will not only drive sales and foster relationships but will propel your store to the be the “it destination of choice.”

In addition to being a fully-integrated omni-channel software, ChainDrive includes dynamic tools specifically designed to handle the complexities of footwear retailing.

Its distinct functionality not only allows you to purchase by pre-pack, but to distribute that way as well, ensuring style, color and size accuracy throughout your allocation process. Furthermore, ChainDrive's mismatch management component resolves the issue of single shoes or size variance per pair, reducing losses and increasing profit.

ChainDrive offers more than a traditional retail POS software. Intelligent size analysis, in conjunction with our multi-formula replenishment method, allow you to monitor your buying patterns by transforming stock-to-sales ratios into clear and accurate reflections of true size performance. This tool helps keep your size-sensitive business appropriately stocked, avoiding both inventory surplus and deficiency and therefore allowing you to maintain your margins.

For instance, when a customer requests an item you do not have in stock at a particular store, ChainDrive's real-time inventory look-up and automated transfers let you locate the requested item and deliver it to your customer in a timely manner, improving their overall satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty.

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