Integrated Internal Messaging (IIM)

Create a culture of communication and truly connect and engage with the entire organization.

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Download ChainDrive Integrated Internal Messaging Fact Sheet

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Empower employees with the information and resources they need to enhance the customer experience!

ChainDrive Integrated Internal Messaging allows retailers to quickly connect with store associates and internal staff across the entire enterprise – from head office to storefront. This next generation collaborative tool is completely integrated to the Point of Sale Interface and Head office, allowing real-time communication between internal departments, stores and staff.

Not typically found in a Point of Sales environment, ChainDrive IIM eliminates the need for external messaging applications. ChainDrive IIM supports staff across all channels in real-time.

With ChainDrive IIM, pertinent information such as; price changes, promotions, invoices, po’s, customer purchase history, profiles and more are automatically linked and sent to the appropriate mail box. With Real-time communication and Information transparency store associates will be able to provide highly personalised and intelligent customer service.

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Since the messenger tool is completely integrated to the POS and Back-Office it eliminates the user from having to switch back and forth to an external application. All messages are readily available, instantly recognizable and easily obtained. Messages are stored on the local database for future use and reference and are all searchable using the “Smart Search” functionality. Search by date, channel, name, content etc.

Empowered Workforce

Communication is the foundation of an engaged workforce. IIM truly allows you to connect and collaborate with your employees and encourages them to take part in new initiatives. Utilizing a tool such as ChainDrive’s IIM will not only allow you to build stronger relationships and loyalty with your staff it will significantly increase their overall productivity and will empower them to better serve their customers.

Mobile friendly

Engage and communicate with your staff anywhere throughout the enterprise. All message notifications are in real-time and readily visible and accessible on a mobile device. Similar to the desk top POS – the mobile interface has an easy to use tile base touchscreen with the message tile found directly on the home screen.


Segment your audience using channels. Retailers will have the ability to define specific channels or groups to broadcast messages to. Users will also have the ability to select what channels/messages they want to view.

Targeted messages

Messages can be easily targeted to specific individuals or retailer defined groups. They can be sent from store to store, store to employee, station to station, Head-office to store, Head-office to employee or station or sent to all.

Triggered Messages

The system can initiate messages automatically in response to user operations both by head office and the point of sale. Triggered messages such as ship merchandise to/from store(s) and/or pick up from store(s) are automatically sent to the location complete with links to the transaction and items.

Rich Type Attachments

User’s will be able to attach invoices, po’s, product images/ information, receipts and also pictures of live transactions in their messages. There are no limitations to the size of text messages and/or attachments.

New Message/Read Receipt

Easily identifiable upon login, the user will automatically notice a “new message” waiting as the message box is highlighted with a blue border.

There is no need to receive a read receipt notice. Each user has its own individual status. If the message has not been read it will have an envelope icon indicating the message has not been opened or read beside the recipient’s name. If the message has been read the icon will simply disappear.

Superior Service

Store associates will be able to better serve their customers by having real-time accurate information. Message notifications on customer web orders to be picked up in store, ship from store, special orders, account status and much more can be pushed directly to the store and/or associate allowing for superior customer service. Relevant messages specific to a customer can also be leveraged to up-sell and cross-sell, ultimately driving profitability.

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