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A one-of-a-kind retail software exclusively designed and developed for today’s Jewelry Retailer!

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Technology rich in functionality that transforms the customer experience and optimizes business processes across your enterprise!

ChainDrive Jewelry combines the power of our omni-channel software along with vital jewelry principles, processes and elements to provide today’s jewelry retailer with the most comprehensive software on the market. We’ve drawn years of trade experience from key industry experts and have tailored and developed software that clearly understands the intricacies of jewelry retailing.

The system's advanced appraisal module records proof of the item the customer leaves with you by letting you embed a product image, record its specific attributes, enter it into a centralized database and reprint it when necessary. The system also tracks in-store and external item repairs and allows you to establish standard price lists, accelerating and securing both the appraisal and repairs processes.

Using ChainDrive's tray count component allows you to keep track of your merchandise and reduces the need for multiple inventory counts throughout the day. By documenting what product is located in which tray, the system conducts only two counts per day, one in the morning and one at night, and reconciles what was on display at the start of the day with what was sold. Accounting for trade-ups provides further inventory control by crediting your inventory with what the customer is trading in and debiting it with the replacement piece.

For custom orders, the definition module provides you with pre-defined jewelry attributes that allow you to enter all the specifics of a particular piece according to its build. Directly from POS, the system indicates whether the components required for the customized piece are to come from existing inventory or need to be specially ordered, leading to more accurate costing. Manage your retail operations with ease by using ChainDrive's powerful Retail Management System.

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