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Instantly engage "Consumers in Motion" and drive traffic to your stores!

ChainDrive Mobile Marketing uses SMS text message technology, allowing retailers to instantly engage "Consumers in Motion". Retailers can create targeted marketing campaigns that promote special offers, store events and much more.

Direct marketing messages promoting in-store discounts and barcode coupon offers can be easily and instantly scanned and redeemed at the Point of Sale. ChainDrive Mobile Marketing Campaigns also features contests and consumer polls, allowing the retailer to gain valuable insight on their customer preferences.

Marketing Campaigns

Drive traffic to your store by instantly creating mobile messaging campaigns that promote sales and discounts. Create virtual coupons with an embedded barcode that can be easily scanned directly from a mobile phone redeemable at POS. ChainDrive Mobile Messaging has a wide range of use such as; launching a new product, announcing in-store specials, broadcasting alerts, reminders and special events and much more. ChainDrive Mobile Marketing significantly drives traffic and increases sales.

Mobile Marketing Retail Mobile Campaigns and Promotions
Mobile Marketing Interactive Retail Promotions


ChainDrive Mobile Marketing Voting/Poll feature encourages an interactive response from your target audience. Engage your customers and gain insight on their preferences and buying trends. Compile valuable information that is linked directly to ChainDrive's CRM. Use this information for future promotional campaigns.


Broadcast a contest where consumers who text your keyword are automatically entered to win. All contest optin's are directly registered into your database where you can target them with future offers.

Mobile Marketing Retail Contests
Mobile Marketing Opt-in Marketing Database


Quickly grow your opt-in marketing and customer database by posting in-store displays that advertise special real-time discounts for customers who text your keyword – once opted-in the offer is instantly redeemable at the store. Increase your customer conversion rate, increase your store sales and add new customers to your database for future promotions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Fully Integrated to ChainDrive's powerful Customer Relationship Management, your organisation is able to efficiently capture, track and manage all consumer data obtained from all mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Customer Relationship Management

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