Every year, mobile usage increases among internet users. With 95% internet penetration in North America according to Internet World Stats and more than 80 percent of smartphone owners, being mobile is the new normal for digital native and nomads alike. Not only that, 40 percent of online transactions are conducted on mobile devices, and 80 percent of shoppers use smartphone during physical shopping sprees. One more statistic to know: 89 percent of mobile media time is done through mobile apps; let alone the screen time during the pandemic times.

With these kind of statistics driving internet traffic, retailers in 2020 cannot ignore the growing cohorts of mobile first mindsets and habits. You’ve got to find a way to market your retail chain–brick and mortar as well as e-commerce–to customers hooked on their mobile devices, apps and social media market places.

Here are 8 winning tips for retail mobile marketing:

  • Create traffic with mobile coupons – One sure way to get new foot traffic in your retail store, and drive up sales, is by issuing mobile coupons and discounts.
  • Be interactive – Rather than just bombard customers with text messages, interact with them through mobile polls and surveys. Ask for their feedback on customer service, product selection, and prices. Ask them to vote on new products you are considering, store layouts, and significant customer service changes.
  • Sponsor contests – People love contests, especially if you are giving away something valuable. Make sure it is something that encourages them to visit your store physically or virtually.
  • Grow your opt-in list – You’ll increase customer conversion and retention rates with an email and SMS opt-in list. To encourage opting in, give away a coupon, in-store discount, or a product you want to build some hype around.
  • Integrate with your POS – Capture important customer data at the point of sale and use that data to market more effectively to each customer by understanding their individual preferences. If you tailor your product selection and marketing initiatives to each customer, you will keep more customers.
  • Make sure you understand the Customer Journey Mapping. Airline companies and travel booking companies know exactly every step we take to buy, reserve and organize our travel journey so is Google, Facebook and all tracking devices used to analyze the digital footprints we leave after every query.
  • Review and reassess your business model on the regular basis. Being agile is mission critical.
  • Pay attention to the streaming trends. Between January and February 2020 during the peak of China’s outbreak, WeChat offered features that allowed store assistants to message directly consumers and complete purchase orders, generating much-needed oxygen. Popular social media platforms like Instagram, WeChat Groups, and WeChat Work, allowed companies to expand their reach, engage clients and beef-up their customer relations let alone their brand equity.

Going into 2020, you want to increase your chances to reach as many customers as possible with or without depending on brick and mortar foot traffic. That means you need to step your digital transformation, automated marketing strategies and cross-channel marketing initiatives according to the new consumer behaviors as discussed in our previous playbook and news magazine article https://ceoworld.biz/2020/04/25/post-covid-19-playbook-7-contingency-planning-strategies-how-to-beat-the-black-swan-syndroms/.