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Put the power and technology into the hands of your sales associates!

In today's increasingly service-driven retail landscape, it is now more important than ever for retailers to adhere to the consumer demands of service, efficiency and competency. Satisfying consumer expectations, brand loyalty and customer retention remain the key focus for retailers. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices and the increasing rise of sales via mobile, it’s imperative to ensure that store associates have as much flexibility and knowledge as your customer has.

Using in-store technology advancements for driving customer interactions such as ChainDrive's Mobile Point of Sale can assist your sales associates to deliver a more personalized and engaging service. Armed with a Windows tablet, ChainDrive Mobile point of sale allows employees to instantly engage with customers anywhere throughout the sales floor. Sales associates can provide real-time enterprise-wide detailed product and customer information and can place orders easily and rapidly, providing prompt VIP service and smart customized recommendations.

Product Search

Product Search allows the floor sales associates to quickly search items and retrieve detailed product information on the spot. Real-time seamless inventory availability is not only convenient; it also improves staff effectiveness and delivers a personalized service to the consumer, improving overall customer relations and increased sales.

Mobile Point of Sale Detailed Product Search
Mobile Point of Sale CRM Customer Search

Customer Search

Customer Search allows the floor sales associates to instantly retrieve or capture real-time detailed customer information. By using ChainDrive Mobile POS Customer Search, sales associates can engage with customers and capture their data as they move throughout the store. The Customer Search functionality increases the ability to better manage your relationships with your current and perspective customers and allows you to gain critical insight into their buying patterns, habits and preferences.


Personalized and charismatic interaction with customers is essential to delivering an exceptional store experience. Digitally empowered employees can interact with customers on a personal, intimate level, cultivating brand loyalty and lifelong connections.

Mobile Point of Sale Personalized Interaction - Clienteling
Mobile Point of Sale Store Associate Productivity


Put customer and product information directly into the palms of your store associates. Increase their productivity and efficiency by allowing them to complete the sale anywhere throughout the store floor.

ChainDrive Kiosk

Catering for the consumers need for convenience, independent customers will love the fact that they can search freely for product information via kiosks located throughout the store, complete with detailed information, product images, inventory availability and pricing.

Mobile Point of Sale Product Information Kiosk

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