Over 20 years in business!

We believe our continued success for over 20 years can be attributed to our core values; our dedication and commitment to our clients, our commitment to our employees and of course our determination and dedication to the innovation and development of our software.

Since our humble beginnings in 1997, our business maturity has transformed Multidev from a small venture start-up to one of the industry's leading software development firms.

As industry mergers and acquisitions take over the software market, we remain strong, confident and committed to our future as a privately owned and operated company. We have all seen major transformations in the retail industry and as it continues to evolve and transform, Multidev is committed to developing software that responds to the technological shifts and challenges that face the industry.

We look forward to the future of Multidev, and thank all of our clients, partners and co- workers, both past and present who are contributing to the growth and success of Multidev each and every day.

A word from our employees

What is there to say, the time seems to have gone by like seconds! Working at Multidev for the Past 18 Years has been an on-going adventure without a single dull moment. There have been plenty of challenging projects that has leveraged all of our abilities to their fullest.

We have created over time a beast that is bigger than the sum of all of us. This product that we care for and see growing on a daily basis, challenges us in all aspects. It demands a tight team and a structure of organization to handle the challenges that helps bring our clients to their level of success.

Over the years I have met and worked with a number of great individuals that have contributed to our success and would like to thank them all as well as those who are still with us for their continuing effort in providing the best product that our customers deserve.

Happy 20th Year Multidev!

Paolo Del Balso
Director of Development

Thirteen years ago I came in for an interview and was given the opportunity to join Multidev Technologies. I have seen the company evolve into what it has become today and I can only say that I am glad to have been part of it and continue to be a part of this great company.

Coming to work every day has never been a struggle because of the great colleagues I work with, the great work environment and the wonderful relationships I have built over the years with our clients. I would like to thank Mr. Joseph Amzallag and Nessim Amzallag for the opportunity that was given to me many years ago.

I have the great pleasure of saying that Multidev has become my second family and I wish them much future success.

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Josie Perez
Administrative Manager

I have been working at Multidev for over 14 years. I love the people I work with and the work environment. Multidev entitled me to work on great projects and I like all the challenges involved in constantly keeping up with the latest technologies. It's exciting and motivating to hear how Multidev customers use our products to make their lives easier.

Daniel Séguin,
Senior Software Architect and Programmer, with Multidev since 2002

I have been working at Multidev for over 10 years now and still come to work with great pleasure, The job here is a real team work where everyone is ready to help when you need it. Since day 1 the administration of Multidev gave me their trust and support in my daily tasks.

Happy 20th Multidev!

Pierre Caron
Director- IT, Customer Care & Support


That small name actually tells a lot.
Of course, We are in the development business.
Dev is the name, software is the game.
But in order to do so, you need people. And that is where the multi comes in.

Multi as in multiple backgrounds, multiple nationalities, multiple point of view.
All these "multi" have enriched every aspect of our lives and works.
Different cultures that are fun to explore, different ideas that we embraced, or rejected.

Multi as in multiplication.
The number of births that occurred in these 20 years makes it really a family business.

And finally, Multi as multiple type of projects, one does not wait for the others to finish.
Which makes it a place for tremendous opportunities to evolve as an individual, a community and of course, as a company.

Oh... I forgot... multi as multiple mugs of coffee per day as well! 😉

Jean-Francois Claeys

As a member of the Multidev team since the beginning, I am very proud to have been a part of all of the many projects over the years. Although we faced challenges along the way we always managed to overcome them. The most gratifying of all is to see our clients successfully using our solution! Happy 20th Year, Multidev.

Francois Godbille

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