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Gain a clear consistent view and understanding into all aspects of your business.

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Download ChainDrive Retail Analytics Fact Sheet

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Dive deep into data and shift from being reactive to proactive!

ChainDrive's built-in business intelligence provides you with integrated reports and tools, offering immediate access to vital information, providing valuable insight into each area of your business, and leading to improved decisions, reduced operating costs and increased revenues.

Offering countless pre-configured reports, dashboards, pivot table queries and graphs, ChainDrive lets you track critical performance measures by transforming your data into powerful, actionable decision-making tools.

Built-In Business Intelligence

From the ground up our system was designed with built-in business intelligence, including the technology, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of key business information.

Leveraging our integrated and centralized database, ChainDrive gives you access to historical, current and comparative views of all your financial and operational data, providing more informative information, in a more intelligent manner that truly supports better business decision-making.

Retail Analytics Business Intelligence
Retail Analytics Real-Time Data Access

Real-Time Data Access

Utilizing the power and flexibility of our centralized database, ChainDrive offers real-time access to valuable information. Whether attempting to maximize operational efficiency or manage product lifecycle and profitability, our system facilitates your ability to use key information vital to your success.

Performance Indicators

ChainDrive incorporates key indicators that highlight focal points, exceptions and overall performance measurements throughout your entire organization. Regardless of the level of detail, our solution uses retail metrics and common processes to quantitatively and periodically measure, assess and control your business by presenting your data in meaningful terms.

Retail Analytics Retail Performance Indicators
Retail Analytics Advanced Report Writer

Advanced Report Writer

ChainDrive's limitless reports deliver instant insight into your retail operations and allow you to explore and report on data quickly so that you can respond to key issues as they unfold. Our highly advanced report writer/editor goes one step further, it lets you to create your own custom reports where you will be able to choose the data, the format, the colour and even allows you to schedule them to be printed when you need them.

Intuitive and Flexible Views

ChainDrive provides you with user-definable data views, enabling your users to see key information in a manner most meaningful to them. Through dashboards, graphs, pivots and drillable lists, critical information is readily available and presented either onscreen or in printed format.

Retail Analytics Intuitive Data & Flexible Graphs

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