Increase insight into assortments and gain control over your buying and selling cycles.

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Sophisticated analytics + real-time consumer purchase data = optimized assortments.

ChainDrive's leading-edge simulation, purchasing, allocation and replenishment methodologies let you gain insight into your merchandise assortment and make better-informed decisions. Multiple replenishment methods are made simple by assigning user defined attributes.

Categorize styles, form groupings by brands, collections or seasons all of which allow for better performance monitoring. Along with its progressive analytics and reporting, this functionality ensures that your stores are stocked with the products your customers want, when they want them.

"Intelligent" Size & SKU Analysis

Using its unique built-in "conditional" queries, ChainDrive’s intelligent size and SKU analysis understands the impact of obtaining skewed results due to stock-outs in a size, making it an intuitive and valuable analytical tool. ChainDrive snap-shots (captures) size and/or SKU performance throughout the life of the product and selects instances of stock-by-size and amasses them into a clear and accurate result of true size performance, providing real and accurate size analysis.

Merchandising Intelligent Size & SKU Analysis
Merchandising Advanced Allocation

Advanced Allocation

Control over product allocation, especially in a replenishment environment, is critical to sales maximization and markdown minimization. ChainDrive provides tools that go far beyond the typical min-max settings used by most retail management competitors. Utilizing formula based methodologies, coupled with the ability to limit and/or disallow replenishment down to the SKU-Store level, is what sets ChainDrive apart.

Analysis and Reporting

ChainDrive offers extensive reporting and analytical tools that empower your users with multiple views and outputs of products, purchases, suppliers, and SKU performance. When it comes to keeping track and making sense of products, purchases, suppliers, sales performance, and related actions necessary to drive your business, ChainDrive delivers. Derived from the systems’ integrated database, crucial and relevant data is available on demand.

Merchandising Analysis & reporting
Merchandising Cost Calculators

Cost Calculators

The system's integrated formula-based land cost calculator allows the user to create unlimited preset landed cost formulas that, once created, can be used repeatedly for any product order, greatly increasing the accuracy of landed cost estimates and enabling better control over retail price setting and maintenance of your desired IMU (initial markup).

Vendor Management

ChainDrive's Vendor Management allows you to create specific individual vendor types so that you can track and manage product performance down to the style, size and/or color. It also allows you to generate up-to-date detailed comprehensive analysis and performance reports.

Merchandising Vendor Management
Merchandising Automated Replenishment

Automated Replenishment

ChainDrive’s automated replenishment allows you to lower out-of-stocks and reduce price markdowns by monitoring life-cycle, seasonality, promotions and product preferences. Replenishment settings can be set, edited or deleted at any time.

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