Price Management

Manage and monitor price changes and control and track performance.

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Consistent and on-point pricing across the enterprise

ChainDrive Price Management allows you to optimize and control your pricing throughout the product life cycle so that you can ensure profitability without resorting to huge discounts. With the growth of new selling channels and shifting consumer buying behavior it's imperative to integrate price management throughout each channel.

By moving away from spread sheets and systems that require manual intervention to automating price management throughout, ChainDrive Price Management allows retailers to offer consumers price consistency and transparency regardless of channel.

Rules Manager

The promotional rules manager is a conditional logic based tool that provides retailers with complete control over all promotions and price adjustments.

Its flexibility allows retailers to set and apply rules that manage promotional campaigns and specific price modifications (e.g. Buy any 2 shirts and receive a free hat). Set beginning and end dates and include any styles and/or classifications.

Price Management Enterprise-wide Price Transparency
Price Management Promotional Campaigns

Price Management Campaigns

Manage multiple, concurrent promotional campaigns all of which are automatically applied and transparent at the POS.

The price management tool gives you the option of setting different prices by geographical or pre-determined zones including any web stores. Campaigns can also be set in conjunction with the CRM to create customer specific promotions.


ChainDrive’s Price Management tool provides expanded analytical and reporting to aid in the monitoring and analysis of all price change actions, allowing you to access the effectiveness of your price change decisions over time.

All price changes are tracked and can be analyzed to determine which price point was/is the most effective. Price changes can also be assigned a status, as in First Markdown, Second Markdown, etc.

Price Management Reporting
Price Management Promotions Security


All access to pricing, price changes (markdowns/markups), promotions and allowable POS discounts are governed by ChainDrive’s system wide security manager. Retailers will have full control over what actions can be taken and who can apply them. Security rules can be set to allow only certain individuals to control price changes.

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