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Achieve greater productivity, cost reductions and increased sales by setting performance objectives.

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Boost store and employee performance and exceed your sales expectations!

Setting appropriate sales and performance objectives for your stores is paramount not only to your overall performance, but to the morale and motivation level of your store staff as well. ChainDrive's Store Budgeting feature allows you to set sales objectives, view comparables, establish Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets and much more.

This powerful tool puts you in control and provides a means of clearly communicating your objectives all the way through your operational hierarchy down to the individual store.

Multi-Level & POS Visibility

Leveraging ChainDrive's centralized database, this budgeting tool has complete access to real-time data as well as all accumulated historical statistics providing a platform that not only allows the setting of meaningful objectives, but the ability to monitor them as well. This feature is seamlessly integrated and provides direct visibility down to and at store level.

ChainDrive Store Budgeting's comprehensive security settings allow you to select which data can be viewed across seven (7) levels right down to a store's assistant manager. Most importantly, you are in control as to exactly what data is visible to your stores and for what time frame. Head office is able to tailor, secure and restrict each stores screen view allowing for individual store information on sales, wage, budgets, hours and overall store performance and progress.

Point of Sale Visibility
Store Budgeting Key Performance Indicator Targets

KPI Targets

ChainDrive's Store Budgeting Dashboard allows you to view and monitor Key Performance Indicators. In addition to monitoring sales, Head Office is able to set targets for additional KPI's such as, Average Dollars per Transaction (ADT), Average Units per Transaction (UPT), Average Dollars per Hour (ADH), Wage Cost Percentage and Weekly Workforce Hours.

These quick graphic performance views and targets can be set down to the store level allowing all results against these targets to be maintained and reported on by store management.


This exclusive feature allows for the logging of detailed information on daily events and/or significant happenings as they occur. These daily logs are an important source of information that can give a clear indication of what might have affected a particular stores performance e.g. bad weather resulting in store closure.

Store Budgeting Annotation
Store Budgeting Analysis & Reporting

Analysis and Reporting

Our Budgeting Tool has built in comparatives, multi-level variance displays and full graphing functionality. All actuals against budget and last year comparisons including set KPI's are maintained and available by week, period, quarter and year to date. Set and analyze store performance down to the day and take advantage of the reporting and print functionality.

Configurable Views

Views can be defined, saved, recalled and displayed as you wish. Select from an extensive list of data and associated comparative values to produce the view that best represents your requirements for action or analysis. The user has the flexibility and full control over all data views and can produce these views for store groups, districts and other store assigned attributes.

Store Budgeting Configurable Views

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