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Solutions tailored and focused on your vertical specific enterprise.

It’s no secret that today’s retail environment is in a constant state of change and evolution; how you predict, accept and adapt to it is what will propel your longevity and set you apart from your competition. With the emergence of new technologies, differing business models and processes and shifting consumer trends it’s imperative to have a system in place that can not only handle these complexities but one that can operate uniquely in specific industries. We understand that “one size does not fit all”, ChainDrive’s extensive flexibility and versatility handles tasks that are specific to differing verticals and provides you with complete end-to-end functionality you require as a vertical specific enterprise.

Whether you are an Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Department Store, Home Décor or Specialty Retailer, ChainDrive Omni-Channel system has the capacity to address the issues that may be keeping you from achieving the level of efficiency and profitability you desire.

ChainDrive's expertise is a direct result of collaborative development with retailers from each of our vertical markets. Therefore, regardless of your vertical, ChainDrive offers both the consistency needed to benefit you as a retailer and the adaptability to address the particularities of your individual vertical.

ChainDrive Retail Markets

Apparel >

Optimize your product assortment and increase the cash flow of your apparel business.

Footwear >

Use ChainDrive's pre-pack purchasing and distribution, intelligent size analysis and real-time inventory look-up to better manage your footwear.

Sporting Goods >

Manage your seasonal and diverse product assortment using ChainDrive's user-defined fields and advanced grouping functionality.

Department Stores >

Streamline your extensive square footage and multiple cost-centers using ChainDrive's split-commission capacity, CRM functionality and advanced promotional rules manager.

Jewelry >

Operate your jewelry business more effectively with ChainDrive's specialized appraisal, repairs and tray count features.

Home Décor >

Effectively manage your specific product assortment.

Specialty Retail >

Handle all of your unique requirements as a specialty retailer using ChainDrive's flexible and adaptable features.

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