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ChainDrive for sporting goods retailers has been specifically developed and configured to support the distinct requirements of the industry. It’s specifically designed to manage highly-seasonal and diverse product assortments. Through sophisticated, user-defined fields that let you input your own product attributes, you can account for the unique traits of each of your product segments. This assists you in managing your inventory and conducting trend analysis, leading to increased turnover and the optimization of your valuable floor space.

The system's grouping functionality allows you to manage uniforms or equipment for entire sports teams at once. By linking individuals to a particular school or team, you only need to create one back-office price and product list. ChainDrive then automatically detects what that customer should be charged at the point of sale and deducts what they purchased from your inventory, leading to more streamlined operations and inventory control.

With ChainDrive, you also benefit from intelligent size analysis in both your sportswear and athletic footwear segments. In addition, handling your footwear segment is further simplified by advanced pre-pack and mismatch management functionality, making ChainDrive the right system for handling all the intricacies of sporting goods retailing.

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