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Manage, locate and distribute goods quickly and efficiently.

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Control the movement of your inventory – Gain Visibility, Increase Productivity and Efficiency and Achieve Accuracy.

ChainDrive's advanced WMS, or Warehouse Management System component functions to simplify your receipt, hold and distribution processes and handle everything from warehouse layout to productivity reporting and workflow management.

Additional features like cross-dock processing, supply chain management, break-pack capability, wave-based distribution and multiple shipping methods, including the ability to monitor your inventory, shipments and transfers, result in optimal use of your warehouse.

Warehouse Layout Management

ChainDrive Warehouse incorporates tools designed to assist layout management, bin creation and management and location assignment. This function facilitates the configuring of your dedicated space and provides pivot table graphical representations of your layout, greatly improving your space per product allocation for goods on hold, or in reserve for future shipments and replenishment.

Warehouse Layout Management
Warehouse bulk, pre-pack and break-pack

Bulk, pre-pack and break-pack

Designed to handle bulk orders, pre-packs, and kits, ChainDrive Warehouse offers full flexibility to process your merchandise in the manner in which it was purchased. As an additional benefit, the system inherently understands and facilitates break-pack and break-kit, enabling you to change inventory status to bulk and allowing for size, color or style replenishment, all of which are correctly reflected in your inventory status.

Inventory Status

The system provides perpetual tracking for goods to be received, picked, packed, shipped, on-hold, in quarantine and completed. Furthermore, real-time inventory status is available down to the SKU level.

Our cross-dock feature saves time, operates seamlessly and provides accurate movement control. For wholesale operations the system is able to segregate receipts by client order while the Open-to-Sell reporting keeps you up to date on all un-assigned inventory, allowing for fast turnaround on goods to be sold and shipped.

Warehouse Inventory Status
Warehouse Scheduling & Productivity Analysis

Scheduling & Productivity Analysis

Tools to maintain an efficient, effective, controlled and cost effective warehouse and distribution center are what ChainDrive delivers. Whether it be controlling receipt appointments, prioritizing work tasks, controlling inventory movement, tracking process status or evaluating productivity.

Bin Management

ChainDrive offers retailers two methods of Bin Management, they can either have bins assigned to specific merchandise or merchandise assigned to bins. Secondary "pick-from" bins can also be preset and overstock locations can be created and used to fulfill the regular "pick-from" bin.

Warehouse Bin Management

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