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Sell your products through numerous online channels including Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Google and more.

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Download ChainDrive Web Marketplace Integration Fact Sheet

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Reach new customers, increase brand exposure and maximize sales!

ChainDrive's Web Marketplace Integration allows retailers, etailers and wholesalers the opportunity to reach out to a nation-wide market and promote and sell their products through numerous online channels including, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Newegg and more.

We’ve developed an API that links the ChainDrive platform directly to multiple Web Marketplaces, opening the door for you to increase your profits, gain exposure and reach a new customer base. With the advantage of the infrastructure of the ChainDrive Retail Management System, integrating, managing and optimizing merchandise across the Web Marketplace is seamless.

The flow of information from your Marketplace(s), your existing web store and store(s) are all synchronized using one platform. The API transfers and consolidates real-time data to ChainDrive’s centralized database allowing you to have one source of information for all of your Marketplace business processes. Manage product information, inventory, CRM, orders and fulfillment and analyze and report on all aspects of Web Marketplace operations.

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Product Information Management (PIM)

Centrally manage your product information and market your merchandise throughout multiple Web Marketplaces with ease. With PIM (Product Information Management) you will be able to create, manage and adjust data such as product attributes and characteristics to not only match specific listing requirements of each Marketplace and vendor but to also enhance the ability to be easily found and identified when searched.

Rich data, images, pricing and market specific listing requirements are maintained and automatically modified within the centralized database allowing for consistent and accurate product information at all times.

Web Marketplace Product Information Management (PIM)
Web Marketplace Order management and Fulfillment

Order Management and Fulfillment

Manage and validate online orders with ease. The Order Management and fulfillment component will allow you to process Marketplace orders with speed and accuracy. Product and/or client specific instructions, shipping procedures and verifications, or other processing rules such as drop ship can be set and applied. Set conditions that will automatically pick and deliver from the closest in-stock and track and control the entire order cycle from start to finish.

Analytics and Reporting

Quickly assess how each Marketplace(s) and listed products are performing by analyzing, comparing and reporting on every aspect of operations. Track, manage and report on vendor and product performance right down to the style, size and/or color.

Gain insight on trends and best sellers and understand consumer patterns. Monitor product life-cycle and control allocation and replenishment and benefit from the transparency of inventory status.

Web Marketplace Analytics and Reporting
Web Marketplace Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Deliver a first class brand experience and increase the lifetime value of your online customer. Grow and expand your audience and build a new customer base through the Web Marketplace. The CRM component allows you to capture customer data so that you can market personalized offers and rewards that drive customer loyalty and retention.

Gain instant access to real-time customer information such as transaction history and past purchase details and personal preferences. Valuable customer insight not only contributes to forming strong relationships but also allows you to make smarter pricing and promotion decisions that ultimately lead to increased sales.

Inventory Management

Launch, track and automate inventory across all Web Marketplaces. Real-time inventory information such as product location and item count is precise and transparent. Merchandise purchased through the Marketplace is automatically deducted from the inventory database within Chaindrive. Because the sales channels are integrated real-time inventory status is instantly available.

The inventory management component will allow you to manage your inventory efficiently and confidently eliminating the possibility of duplicates and overselling of product. Monitor product life-cycle, seasonality, promotions and preferences and benefit from ChainDrive’s reporting tool for replenishment.

Web Marketplace Inventory Management

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