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Process multi-channel orders with speed and accuracy.

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Download ChainDrive Web Order Fulfillment Fact Sheet

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Give your customers what they really want... FLEXIBLE FULFILLMENT!

Meet the expectations of today's "Omni-channel" shopper and deliver on their demands of getting what they want, whenever, however and wherever they want. ChainDrive's flexible web Order Fulfillment component allows web-orders to be filled from any location, whether they are warehouses, stores, vendors or combination thereof, by applying user rules the system can locate, consolidate, direct ship or hold for pickup directly at a store.

ChainDrive web order fulfillment offers complete visibility of your inventory at any location and gives you the ability to quickly move merchandise when needed. Order processing is painless and tracking is made simple. Retailers can now offer buy anywhere and pick-up anywhere.

Rules Settings

Orders can be filled automatically based on setting location priority and availability rules, saving time, keeping shipping costs at a minimum and securing customer loyalty. Order status and tracking are in real-time and customer information can be updated as to the status of their order.

Web Order Fulfillment real-time order tracking and status
Web Order Fulfillment Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Managing your most valuable asset is paramount to a successful and profitable business. Therefore our solution offers detailed reporting, status updates, real-time inventory location and full physical inventory functionality.

Whether monitoring current inventory position, planning for and acting upon OTB budgets or taking stock in your warehouse, the system supplies all of the tools you will need to stay on top of your inventory, and because of full integration the same inventory information is available across all channels.

Product & Vendor Management

ChainDrive's Product and Vendor Management allows you to create and define your products and vendors, assign sizing, colors, prices and set conditions that determine the manner in which your inventory and its suppliers are to be managed. Report on everything from product performance to vendor ROI by using the system's extensive functionality to sort, filter, analyze.

Web Order Fulfillment Product & Vendor Management
Web Order Management Customer Relationship Management

Cross-Channel CRM

Retailers can no longer afford to treat brick & mortar, online and mobile as separate entities. ChainDrive's customer relationship management tool allows you to track and stay in touch with your most valuable customers so that you can reward them through their preferred channel with offers that keep them coming back.

Price & Promotional Management

Sets and track prices and price changes throughout time with ChainDrive's Price and Promotions management tool. The highly advanced yet easy to use promotional rules engine lets you setup and deploy multi-tiered promotions based on "if this, then that" logic, making the possibilities virtually endless.

Web Order Fulfillment Price & Promotions Management
Web Order Fulfillment Exception Management

Exception Management

The exception management tool allows you to set exception rules whereby if any of the order criteria is not met the order will be automatically flagged for review prior to moving on to the next step in the fulfillment process.

For reasons such as incomplete information, fraud alerts, special instructions, or other conditions pertinent to the order, the system keeps you in control and alerts you so that you can immediately address orders that require review.

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