Wholesale Management

Access real-time item detailed status on all "Open-to-sell" inventory.

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Inventory Matters! Track, monitor and manage inventory, vendors and overall operations with ease!

ChainDrive's functions designed specifically for wholesale suppliers are designed to help you process orders, obtain client and inventory status information and monitor agent and sales representative productivity.

In addition, features such as its wholesale catalogue, vendor management and wave based distributions, make it easy to handle multiple orders and deliver them on time, eliminating costly errors and keeping you ahead of your competition.

Open-to-Sell (OTS)

While "open-to-buy" may be an important tool in retailing, "Open-to-Sell" is critical to wholesale. That is why ChainDrive provides you with real-time status on all uncommitted (unsold) inventory at the sku level and makes it available internally to your sales force or agents, enabling you to rapidly take action, move your stock and increase your turnover and ROI.

Wholesale Management "Open-to-Sell"
Wholesale Management Order Management

Order Management

ChainDrive facilitates the intricate task of client order management, giving you total control over order status, payment terms, multiple ship-to locations, special conditions such as labeling and other client specific information. Furthermore, the system allows you to automatically link multiple client orders to your manufacturing purchase orders and segregate them upon receipt. Analytical functionality and detailed reporting are all at you fingertips.

Productivity Reporting

The system empowers you with real-time productivity reporting on all of your sales representatives and/or agents, allowing you to evaluate performance and compensation. The commission's engine has user-definable rules which can be set for all sales channels or individuals and is directly linked to our integrated accounting module. This offers you the flexibility to set conditional rules depending on your compensation model.

ChainDrive's statistical database maintains true historical data on all of your activities, offering you accurate comparative analysis year after year.

Wholesale Management Productivity Analysis & Reporting
Wholesale Management Vendor Credit Alerts

Credit Alerts

Directly linked to the integrated accounting, the credit approval features immediately alert you on delinquent accounts and poor credit standing, ensuring that you can react prior to shipment and maintain your accounts receivable in good standing. In addition, the system allows you to set limits for clients and include pertinent notes for future reference.

Discount Rules

Volume rebates, client specific discounts and all selling cost influences are easily managed with ChainDrive's discount rules. Not only will this feature put you in control, it will also provide the necessary flexibility to manage your client accounts, your net gross margin, and ultimately your true bottom line.

Wholesale Management Volume Rebates

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