retail sales report

ChainDrive’s Reporting is designed to provide accessible, meaningful, and actionable data in formats that are easy to use and produce the type of information retailers really need. ChainDrive’s Built-in reporting is flexible & detailed and gives insight into every aspect of a retailer’s business – report on sales, CRM, inventory, operations, merchandising, etc., with many standard retail reports and the ability to customize based on your retail needs.

Here are 5 challenges in retail management that you’ll overcome with ChainDrive Retail Analytics

Challenge #1: Inability to get data required out of the existing system

ChainDrive provides access to all data contained with the databases. Sales data collection is automated via system phone calls, texts and emails.

Challenge #2: Constantly exporting data to excel in order to produce meaningful reports

With many standard retail reports and the flexibility to customize. ChainDrive eliminates the need for external spreadsheets, and managing all your data in one place reduces errors.

Challenge #3: No or limited retention of historical data

Based on historical performance and seasonal variances, you can run detailed reports and forecast upcoming performance. Statistical data from the entire system is maintained for ‘N’ periods of time, providing access to what is and what was.

Challenge #4: Reports are fixed with no flexibility

Users are trained to leverage the complete flexibility of SmartFormsTM So that reporting becomes more personal and meaningful. The best retail analytics solution allows each key employee to create custom reports. That means each department has the right information to act quickly to the changing dynamics of your business.

Challenge #5 No way to schedule reports to run and print at a pre-determined time

The build-in report scheduler allows the users to schedule specific reports to print when and as often as required.

ChainDrive Reporting high lights;

  • View reports on-screen or have them printed
  • Use filters to focus on specific data
  • Create pivot reports and save personal layouts
  • Leverage the information available in many standard reports
  • Customize views, layouts, and graphs
  • Schedule reports to run and print automatically

Retail Report is a feature-rich retail analytics software solution that keeps all your information and communications in one central location. Anyone can access the retail analytics dashboard from any browser, anywhere in the world. Drive your performance, boost your sales achievements, optimize your marketing and proactively manage your customer with ChainDrive Retail analytics software. You can overcome all challenges in retail management with ChainDrive.