click to collect

Retailers are implementing and updating technologies faster than ever. A shortlist of critical upgrades includes fulfillment, Omni-commerce, click-and-collect, personalization, and inventory management. Making savvy technology investment plans to remain competitive today in into the future is paramount. Here are five retail technology trends for retailers and brands to upgrade in 2022:

1. Fulfillment

Today’s retailers need to provide ever-faster omnichannel order fulfillment. They are experimenting with digital integrations designed to streamline checkout, speed up e-commerce fulfillment, empower store associates, and enhance store signage.

In order to remain competitive in omnichannel retail, ChainDrive provides retailers seamless order fulfillment services to avoid friction that matters most to customers.

2. Omni-commerce 

Connecting customer experiences through digital and physical platforms to meet consumers where they are and how they want to engage drives sales and makes customers happy.

The seamless Omnichannel strategy requires a highly integrated retail technology combining real-time information shared securely across several networks with hundreds of potential customer engagement points. ChainDrive helps retailers to meet their customers where they are with accurate and meaningful experiences.

3. Click-and-collect

Click-and-collect options have experienced tremendous tailwinds and innovations throughout the pandemic. It is a hybrid e-commerce model that customers purchase or choose items remotely and pick them up in-store or at the centralized collection point.

In fact, the race to shorten click-to-collect cycle time is the single greatest influence on the shape of future omnichannel supply chains. As the retail habitat keeps on changing, retailers are geared toward implementing innovative pricing and selling strategies to meet customer expectations by giving more pick-up & drop-off options, different payment methods, and credit solutions.

4. Personalization

Remote shopping gives customers the ability to prefer personalized shopping experiences. Consumers are willing to pay a premium to have something specifically designed to their taste.

Retailers can provide personalized recommendations based on alternate sources of data, such as deep product data that capture the tiniest visual details of the products that customers interact with on-site. This way, shoppers get hyper-personalized experiences that align with their unique preferences.

5. Inventory management

Retail trend demands seamless inventory management to properly track products at every stage of the process. Whether products are in a warehouse or in-store, stores will need accurate, real-time data to be delivered on promises for customers. 

Suppose you’re looking to adopt solutions that integrate real-time inventory management and CRM into a central location for optimal tracking. In that case, ChainDrive inventory software lets you manage and track your stock with ease.

Last but not least, when it comes to retailing in the disruptive age, you need more than a plug and play POS software that you can download in a few seconds, you need a strategic partner who can help you accelerate your digital transformation translate your business model or culture into simple codes, processes, and tools.

If you are looking to step up your retail operations and digital transformation simultaneously, you no need to hop from one retail show to another to find the right software; you can book a demo remotely at the comfort of your own store. So, stop looking for prepackaged software to boost your retail operations and start looking for a reliable omnichannel partner like Multidev, who could help you fend off any disruptive trends and harness your overall efficiency. To book a courtesy demo with a retail management expert, please log on to to book a live simulation.