An eCommerce gateway is a game changer for every omnichannel Retailers.
For many omnichannel retailers, wholesalers and eTailers, ChainDrive E-commerce Gateway has been a game changer and a life saver during the pandemic times.

An eCommerce gateway is paramount in the digital age. For the modern retailers, having the right gateway is like opening the river locks to more traffic, more navigation and more business. A gateway will allow your customers to have a seamless shopping experience. It will give them the ability to order any item in your inventory from your website while automatically updating your dynamic database. In essence, you can connect your webstore front with your back-end operations; hence the importance of stepping up your gateways capabilities.

Without the eCommerce gateway, you’ll have to struggle managing separate databases for your web store and your brick-and-mortar operations. That could be a nightmare!

Here are the 8 awesome benefits of an e-commerce gateway, simply spelled out for you.

  • Updates product information – If you’re running your website on separate software than what you’re using to run your brick-and-mortar retail operations, then you have to update all the product information twice (once for the website and once for the brick-and-mortar operation). An e-commerce gateway facilitates a one-time update for both operations.
  • Updates your inventory – Every time you sell an item in your website, the e-commerce gateway will update your counts in your inventory. No more manual updating.
  • Create new products one time – Instead of creating new products of your website and your retail stores separately, create new products one time.
  • Change prices easily – When you change prices, whether for a seasonal promotion, a customer discount, or long-term, the price change is effective in both web store and brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Manage your fraud rules – E-commerce fraud is easier to detect when you set your own rules.
  • Capture customer data – By capturing customer data in your website, you can update that information in your central database. This is the perfect in an age when most customers buy through multiple channels.
  • Fulfill orders readily – Since your web store is connected to your central database, you can fulfill orders without a big runaround in your warehouse.
  • Real-time analytics – Know what’s going on every minute of the day in your retail locations and your webstore.

e-Business Integration Challenges Made Simple

Multidev Technologies’ ecommerce solutions are designed to unleash your eCommerce power. This customized solution allows customers like you to integrate eComDrive with your applications of choice residing inside or outside of your organization, communicating via the Intranet, Extranet, or the Internet.

All the features and functions of ChainDrive’s ecommerce gateway are designed to be collaborative, extensible and user-friendly in addition to harnessing your value-chain.

ChainDrive’s eCommerce gateway supports seamless integration, streamlined implementation, and rule-based transaction processing to automate your retail operations.  

As a leading retail point of sale (POS) software developer, most products are compatible with agile architecture as they have been designed to be flexible and easy to integrate with any third party providers and applications.

The product is designed with self-contained yet integrated modules focused on ease of implementation. It allows you to set the business rules and configuration parameters while letting you implement any of the pre-configured transactions.

Extensibility hooks are embedded in the system so you can integrate custom transactions and improve your overall efficiency.

Like most sophisticated solutions of its kind, our product suits most retailers looking to boost their e-business integration strategies with a special focus on the implementation process like defining, mapping, and balancing customer requirements. Chaindrive is the best eCommerce gateway solution for small business

For many retailers, wholesalers and eTailers ChainDrive E-commerce Gateway has been a game changer and a life saver during the pandemic times when most brick and mortar stores were subject to mandatory lock down and extended periods of quarantine measures. If you wish to unchain your business and get more horse powers for your retail engine, you have to bet on the right eCommerce gateway provider.