Multidev Technologies Inc. is an industry leader in the development of Fully-Integrated ERP and Omnichannel Retail Software. Our ChainDrive Retail Solution is specifically designed for today’s fast-changing retail times.

ChainDrive Retail Platform is specifically designed to help small, medium, and large retail stores, e-tailers, and wholesalers alike scale their retail strategies, step up their digital transformation, and cope with the most disruptive business, consumer or technology trends.

Multidev designs Retail ERP Software

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Dedicated to Delivering Turn-Key Retail Software Solutions

Since 1997, we have been developing end-to-end solutions in close collaboration with leading retailers from each vertical market segment. It results in a revolutionary Retail ERP Software that offers flexibility and scalability. It allows retailers to manage seamlessly all business channels within a unified database hub.

Today, leading North American Retailers spanning numerous verticals are streamlining their multipurpose operations and maximizing their revenue with ChainDrive’s Omnichannel Commerce Platform.

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Our Mission

Make the retail industry more organized with technology and data-oriented solutions.

Our primary goal is to establish long-lasting partnerships with our valuable customers, to provide them with the most user-friendly, efficient and fully-integrated omni-channel system of its kind. Our commitment to offering uniquely designed and customizable retail management solutions is second to none; as each home-grown software has been designed to harness collective intelligence, chain-value creation, enhance the customer-journey, bridge the digital divide, and fuel overall productivity.

We are passionate about our products and services, and go beyond the usual role of a retail software developer. By partnering with our clients, we offer an omnichannel solution that not only fulfills their needs, but exceeds their expectations.

As an adaptive learning organization, we strive to foster knowledge sharing with our valuable clients to make sure that all best practices and User Experiences are embedded in our innovative technologies. Our passion for retail combined with our vision for the changing landscape is a fundamental tenet of our commitment to helping retailers become more resilient and more immune against disruptive changes.

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Last but not least, we promise to offer you unparalleled support, customer service, and solutions to cope with the most daunting tasks, fend off the most disruptive trends, and help you step your digital transformation and adaptation to the New Normal.

Helping our customers pivot or stack up against any competitive forces, boost their immune system and business resilience is what we do nonstop since 1997; be it for small, medium, or large retail chains. We offer the best omnichannel solutions for the contactless era.

Helping the retail community and business partners at large scale up their remote, bridge the digital gap, revamp their touchless technologies and shape the future of the retail industry by providing unique, technology-driven, user-friendly retail management software is more than a value proposition, it’s a fundamental tenet that we practice every day.

We did it for 25 years in a row with the same passion and the same commitment.

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Some of our valued clients

ChainDrive works for you to make your business super efficient.

We serve all types of retail businesses with our comprehensive solutions, which are designed for different retail verticals.