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The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world, affecting almost every aspect of life and business. While economies struggle to remain stable, governments fight to keep their populations secure. Small companies all around the world have faced financial difficulties and have been pushed to adapt to new marketing methods. There are numerous ways that companies may strategy to make the most of their position as we navigate through the epidemic and prepare for its conclusion in order to improve sales performance .

The retail scene has altered drastically as a result of COVID-19. Traditional selling methods may not be as effective as they once were, so we’ve included some fresh suggestions to help you boost your retail sales.

Here are 10 simple ideas to help your team to improve sales performance, stay on track to meet goals and enhance sales success.

1. Provide a Personalized Experience & Understand customer behavior

Sales offers, marketing messaging, and other strategies should be tailored to each individual and their distinct interests. Seeing how consumers walk throughout your shop and interact with the items, as well as identifying and tracking purchase behavior. The difficulty in obtaining the information and data about specific consumers will allow you to customize their experience.
This necessitates POS software that can monitor previous purchases/orders as well as other sources of client information.

Here are some suggestions for improving customer service during and after the pandemic:

  • Extend the hours of operation for client support.
  • Increase your online support by using more channels.
  • Increase the number of resources available for self-service assistance.
  • Be open and honest about how long you expect to wait and how long it will take to receive your order.
  •  Make customers feel safe in your store. Your health and safety precautions should be communicated. Explain what you’re doing to keep people safe in your area, then spread the news through various means such as your website, email marketing, social media, and a mobile app.

2. Improve Your Search Engine:

Make sure that your store shows up in online search results. During the pandemic, more individuals are purchasing online than ever before, and this trend shows no signs of abating after the outbreak is finished. During the epidemic, however, SEO for small companies selling non-essential products looks very different. When it comes to finding stores and items, customers are turning to Google. Ensure that you appear whenever they perform a relevant search for your company. You may increase the quality of your search results by

  • Enhance load speed on your website and page
  • Target COVID-19 search phrases if applicable for your company
  • Generate and refresh your niche’s evergreen content.
  • Update and improve the location of your Google My business listing.
  • Follow up on the SEO performance of your online business

3. Ensure that you always have adequate inventory on hand 

Inventory management is crucial in running a retail company because it protects you when you need to explain to a customer that you do not have the products you want to buy in stock. The best-selling products are crucial, and it is apparent to customers that if they ask, different sizes are available. Also, Make your Google listing at the next level, with Google Search and Maps showcasing your products and goods. Display in-store Google goods without re-entering your inventory data manually.

Your stock management software is integrated directly with a contemporary POS system. The number of units left on inventory is immediately updated as consumers make purchases. When a product goes under a particular level, a major POS software program will inform you, which gives you time to restock before you run out.

4. Using a Mobile POS System to Boost Sales  

Short checkout times and allow for new payment methods, including purchases via smartphone wallet applications. But with a mobile POS system, you may also find out how to improve retail sales. From anywhere in your retail business, you may assist clients and even check them out. There is no need for a front counter because there is no physical barrier between the workers and the customer, making the checkout procedure more intimate.

You may send your customers an electronic receipt through email after they check out. Keeping a receipt online is easier and more convenient. As a retail business owner, this allows you to gather your clients’ email addresses in order to notify them about seasonal specials and promotions.

COVID-19 has expedited the implementation of click-and-collect, which has been around for a while. Offering this service will increase consumer traffic and revenue in your shop.

5. Employ and train staff with outstanding customer experience

improve sales performance

 Your customer-facing employees need the necessary tools and expertise to effectively help customers. Teach your staff to think like customers instead of salespeople; this will ensure that they always have the appropriate mindset to deliver a wonderful customer experience and exceptional service.

Employ salespeople who are excited and acquainted with the items you sell. Train the partners to provide exceptional shopping experiences with all customers. Enable your sellers to engage with your clients. The employee’s duty is to create a buying experience in which the consumer becomes involved and quickly becomes a buyer, not a browser.

Give your staff communication skills, industry and product expertise, and the capacity to become a consumer’s concierge. Personalize Incentives for employees to Drive Sales Performance such as lead conversion, prospecting, face-to-face conversations, and advancing stages.

6. Adjust Your Marketing Strategy 

Consider changing your marketing strategy. While retaining relevancy, you may include distancing or health safety into your existing marketing. Customers will be looking for your company’s reaction to COVID-19.

The internet shop sells almost everything and frequently at a lower price than a brick-and-mortar store. You may leverage Amazon to boost your retail sales at any time. Rather than attempting to outsmart them, join them. Creating buzz and spreading the word about your retail business and its brands/products necessitates advertising in the appropriate online and offline venues. Most businesses need to advertise both online and offline since their consumers use both. Promote social responsibility of corporations Returning your habits and being more responsible does not only benefit the earth but also improve your sales.

7. Fostering a loyalty/reward program for repeat businesses

The establishment and maintenance of client interactions are important in order to improve your sales success. Please note that satisfied consumers are more likely to become fans and share the positive experience with others. In your messaging, try to maintain the same degree of inventiveness and relevancy. Keep in touch with your consumers on a regular basis and make sure your communications are on point.

Implement an audience-specific loyalty program that tracks and encourages the value of consumers and greater ROI of your top 10% of customers. The offer of a loyalty program through offering prizes for consumers and improving offers promotes repeat businesses more or more.
A POS loyalty program is the greatest approach to promote repeating business and generating loyal consumers.

8. Smart sales target and strategies:

One of the significant ways to increase your retail income is to create sales targets. Make sure you’re creating the proper sales goals that are challenging but achievable. Make your sales staff aware of this objective by using the reporting capabilities of your point-of-sale system to make your sales targets more visible. Promote Upgrades add-on such as Impulse purchases, upsells, and cross-sells may all add up in your sales approach. Product returns can leave a store with a sour taste in their mouth, but if you handle them correctly, you can transform them into sales or possibilities.

9. Visualize & Design Store for Sales

To attract clients, use innovative displays and lighting approaches. Play videos to provide product information and entertainment to customers. Also, you can

  • Multi-dimensionalize your displays.
  • Establish a focal point to help individuals understand which things or details to concentrate on.
  • Make them engaging or useful.
  • Maintain a pleasant and tidy environment.
  • Put your greatest items in the spotlight.

You must maintain your graphics current in order to continue generating traffic and revenue. This entails upgrading on a regular basis in order to stay current with the newest trends and seasons. Keep in mind that an energetic store is a magnet to Improve Sales Performance.

10. Stay Connected with the industry to win the competition

It is also beneficial to build ties with prominent industry thought leaders in addition to customers. Social media is another important area to master, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, where salespeople can become brand champions while interacting with customers and partners. Maintain Your Organization’s Core Values You must demonstrate that you respect every prospect and customer encounter and that your final objective is the same, which is to find the best solution for them. 

Learn to Outsmart Your Competitors, you may learn how to improve retail sales by applying comparable ideas in your own firm, whether it’s how to write more successful social media posts, where to position ads, how to organize the shop, or employee training methods.

If you want to improve retail sales performance, consider replacing your current retail POS system with a mobile POS that allows you to make personalized receipts, generate customer reports, eliminate the need for a counter, take mobile payments, track and manage inventory, and more.

ChainDrive Point Of Sale tool will not only help you boost your retail sales but will also make the start of many of the processes outlined during this talk less daunting. Today’s retail world is moving at lightning speed, and if you’re not already transforming your retail sales strategy with POS, you’re behind. Get started today by getting our online courtesy demo to see the next steps you can take to transform your retail sales strategy with POS software to Improve Sales Performance in your retail business.