Precise and complete inventory data may disrupt retail jewelry store operations.

Jewelers able to rapidly identify high-selling goods may optimize their profits, but store owners with less experience in smart management tactics might confront more challenges if they rely on natural instincts and inherited practices to cope with inventory complexity and changing business patterns.

Poor record keeping doesn’t just mean that you don’t know the goods as much as you can—it also means that when you turn to your insurance policy one day, you may run into complications during the claim-process due to the lack of clear tracking and monitoring. In other words, it’s time to break the vow with your existing inventory management software provider.

Fortunately, you no longer need to sign up for an executive MBA or attend online certification programs on how to use inventory analytics, KPIs, and dashboards to monitor your inventory movements, history, profit margins, etc. In recent years, automated inventory software solutions for jewelers have grown considerably to become smart, agile, seamless and very user-friendly.

Unlike product procurement from different sources and vendors, choosing a fully-integrated POS or ERP system to manage your end-to-end retail operations is lot simple than you think. When you are about to replace your existing POS tools, you need to do your due diligence by merely asking the right questions and looking for the most relevant components.

In addition to presenting clearly your pain points, you need to establish a checklist like doctors.

Here are some key features of Jewelry Inventory Software which you need to consider when starting to shop for a new ERP system to replace your existing jewelry POS tool sets:

Basic Features

  • Is it compatible with mobile devices?
  • Is training and assistance provided by the vendor?
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Does your provider understand the changing dynamics of post-covid retailing?
  • How experienced is your cloud vendor in brick-and-mortar retail operations and real inventory management?
  • How expert is your software provider in turn-key digital transformation projects?

Intermediate Features

  • Will it keep track of customized repairs?
  • Is it possible to store a customer’s purchasing history?
  • Does it handle smart pricing management?
  • Does it have a supplier management module?

Advanced Functions

  • It’s customizable or it’s a one-size-fits-all type of SaaS model? Remember, not all retail verticals, niche markets, and organizational cultures are the same!!!
  • Is it design-friendly?
  • Can it handle delicate appraisals?

That’s a lot to keep track of and think about – and that’s before you throw in the software’s expenses into a cost-benefit analysis of the instrument. To make matters even more complicated, there are a plenty of jewelry inventory software systems on the market today.

Fortunately, you can schedule a free software consulting session with Multidev expert professionals who can help you assess your current needs, identify your pain points and come up with a custom-tailored roadmap to scale your retail management operations.

For every step of eCommerce operation, ChainDrive jewelry store management software identifies unique features that are crucial for selling jewelry and gemstones in hybrid environments. Finding effective solutions for each of these cases means creating an advantage over your competitors, and selling jewelry better.

Specifically designed and developed by retail and industry professionals, ChainDrive Jewelry Inventory Software is well-respected by leading brands and jewelry store owners, who cherish the intuitive nature of this seamless, precise and highly agile system. By leveraging data obtained from all operational channels, ChainDrive jewelry software delivers clear, concise, and actionable information, providing the tools needed to make informed decisions, track in Realtime all tray movements harness productivity and enhance the entire customer experience. On-time, On-Budget and On-Target.

From Point of Sale to Merchandising and all the way through financial reporting, ChainDrive’s flexible, user-friendly Multi-Channel Solution specifically caters to the needs of small to mid-tier jewellers.

If you still need more information on how to scale your jewelry store business in the New Normal, how to step your post-pandemic exit and transformation, all you need to do is book a free consulting session or demo at your earliest convenience. Not only our retail business solutions experts will help you discover the latest automation breakthroughs, they will walk you through the discovery process till you find the most adequate components that suit your budget needs and growth objectives.

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