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Ten Tips for Retailers on Meeting Today’s Customer Expectations

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Top 10 Tips For Retail Success

Today’s consumer is well informed, technically savvy and extremely experienced when it comes to shopping in traditional and virtual channels. Constantly connected, the consumer is sophisticated and has high expectations around service, value, offers and choice. The power has definitely shifted into their hands and it’s now up to retailers to meet their diverse needs and to start engaging the “new rules” of retail. 

Here are a few tips for the retailer to consider when developing strategies to meet today’s customer expectations.

10 Tips to Drive More Customers and Boost Sales

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1. Offer a seamless experience

Offer a seamless experience across all retail channels whether brick & mortar, online, mobile or social – it’s imperative to offer a smooth “omni-channel” customer experience across each of these touch points.


2. Consistency of service

Consumers now expect the multi-channel retailer to offer store returns of online orders. Make sure it’s a pleasant, convenient and easy store return process for your customer.


3. Product information

Your offering needs to be consistent across all channels and must allow for on-line access of product levels, availability and location information.


4. Pricing

Do your research on what your competitors are offering. Today’s consumer is armed with technology and is constantly comparative shopping for the best available deal.

5. Understand Retail Trends

Define your understanding of retail trends and purchasing patterns – what styles, brands and assortments are working for your store.


6. Identify customer behaviors

Identify your customer behavior patterns and find your core audience as they will be the ones to support you for years to come.


7. Deliver the “WOW!” factor

Make sure your stores deliver the “WOW!” factor – whether it’s in your merchandising, staff friendliness & knowledge or in-store promotions, you need to offer an in-store experience that will keep them coming back.


8. Create Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Captivate your customers through their mobile phones – engage in a mobile marketing program.


9. Implement an in-store technology

Implement an in-store technology to enhance staff engagement with your customer – hand held mobile devices will aid in locating items and stock and size availability on the spot as consumers live in the “now” and expect immediate results.


10. Offer cross-channel promotions

Never let your customer check-out without offering some sort of reward, discount or contest entry – the best way to keep them coming back is to give them a reason to.

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The first priority for any retailer is to provide their customer with the best possible service they desire and having a solid system in place that will support their demands is the key in today’s world of retailing. Investing in an Omni-channel Software that would provide end-to-end control over the entire retail business, from point of sale to merchandising to order fulfillment all the way through to financials would be your first step toward ensuring that you meet today’s customer demands and expectations.

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