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Streamline operations and increase profitable growth with Omni-channel Retail Management Software for retail, e-tail, and wholesale business.

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Multidev Technologies Inc. is a cutting-edge retail technology front runner. As an industry leader, the Multidev innovation software engineers specialize in the development of smart, seamless, and Fully-Integrated ERP solutions and agile-centric Omnichannel Retail Platforms. ChainDrive Retail Platform is specifically designed to help small, medium, and large retail stores, eTailers, and wholesalers scale their retail operations, step up their digital transformation, and cope with the most disruptive business or technology trends.

Elevate Efficiency with ERP Automation

We also understand one size does not fit all! Unlike many pre-packaged bundles, Multidev’s ultra-agile and intuitive solutions are custom-tailored to fit each specific market DNA, business model, organization culture, and digital level of maturity. Our retail management platforms have been used since 1997 to power and empower many leading brands and retail chains in different market verticals such as Jewelry, Footwear, Apparel, Sporting Goods, Specialty, Home Décor, Department Store, and much more.

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Omni-channel Retail Management Software for retail, e-tail and wholesale business

ChainDrive retail management system offers you a full array of smart and innovative tools to cope with the changing retail landscape, business paradigms, and emerging technologies. ChainDrive is a fully integrated omnichannel retail software (Retail POS) that provides today’s retailers with “real-time”, and valuable insights across the organizational spectrum. Thanks to its centralized database capabilities, decision-makers can make informed decisions, harness overall productivity, improve collective intelligence, track their KPIs and optimize processes across the value-chain in the most user-friendly fashion.

Why Choose us

Why leading brands and chains trust ChainDrive retail management software?

Because each solution, component, functionality, and software perform like a music Symphony. Moreover, ChainDrive provides:

Order Fulfillment Strategies

Efficient, intuitive platform

Synchronises operations throughout the physical and digital selling environments within a unified and harmonious system.

Real-time visibility

Takes point of sale, Mobile POS, merchandising, remote retailing, and real-time optimization tools to a new dimension.

Custom Software Development

We help retailers elevate their value through custom software development. Every software solution is 100% home-grown, tested, implemented, serviced, upgraded, etc.

24/7 Personalized Support

Designed and developed to meet the most daunting omnichannel retail operations, non-stop, 24/7 no matter how complicated is the retail challenge.

What we offer

The ChainDrive Omnichannel Platform Offers

Integrated Channels

Synchronization and consistency across all channels, one centralized database, one clear consolidated set of real-time data.

Integrated Channels

Innovative tools, integrations, and reports are configured for your unique business needs, all in one easy-to-use system.
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Mobile POS

Mobile POS allows retailers to engage shoppers and upsell more effectively with access to customer data and provide a personalized in-store experience.

Analytics & Reporting

Utilizing ChainDrive's advanced retail analytics and reporting tools empowers retailers with invaluable insights, driving better decisions, lower operating costs, and increased revenues.

Function Rich Point of Sale

Chaindrive point of sale provides retailers with true inventory visibility, access to customer profiles and accurate product information at lightning speed.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM Track customers across all channels with a 360° view of information that identifies shopping behaviors, buying habits, patterns and trends so that you can deploy insight driven marketing campaigns.

Advanced Inventory & Fulfillment

ChainDrive's retail management software offers seamless supply chain flexibility and real-time inventory visibility, enabling efficient order management and synchronized web order fulfillment across channels for anytime/anywhere shopping.

Custom Retail Software Development

Build a solution that perfectly fits your business needs. Helping you reimagine the technology landscape with our custom retail software solutions.

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Benefit from industry-leading tools, payment technologies and integrations that enable you to keep pace with the rapid evolution and competition in today’s retail sector.